Global Report on trafficking in persons 2018

2018 | Ejes de desigualdad: Publicación recomendada


The Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2018 puts the spotlight on human trafficking in armed conflict. Human trafficking is always a crime, committed with the inten- tion to exploit; in conflict situations, characterized by vio- lence, brutality and coercion, traffickers can operate with even greater impunity. Trafficking in armed conflict has taken on horrific dimensions – child soldiers, forced labour, sexual slavery. This year’s Global Report indicates that the overall number of reported trafficking victims has increased. This might mean that more people are being trafficked, but also that national capacities to detect this crime and identify victims are improving in some countries. Increases in trafficking convictions have also been recorded in Asia, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East, broadly tracking the rise in the number of reported victims.

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UNODC (Oficina de Naciones Unidas contra la Droga y el Delito) (2018), Global Report on trafficking in persons 2018, Naciones Unidas, Viena. Disponible [en línea]….

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Ejes de desigualdad: Personas migrantes

Temas: Migración, Vida libre de violencia, Niños y niñas, Trabajo infantil

Editor: UNODC