• People of African descent

    People of African descent make up close to a fifth of the population of Latin America. Their recognition, visibility and the guarantee of their rights constitute fundamental aspects of social justice, democracy and sustainable development in the region.

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    Personas afrodescendientes
  • Key concepts of inequality for people of African descent

    The concept of “Afrodescendant” refers to people belonging to diverse cultures, that descend from African populations and whom are survivors of slavery, while recognizing them as an ethnic community that has politicized its identity and whose members consider that they constitute a distinct people.

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  • Introduction to the inequality of people of African descent

    Even today, the Afrodescendant population that was enslaved during the almost four century long slave trade in the Americas, is still subject to extreme inequalities, discrimination and structural and institutionalized racism interwoven with a culture and history of privilege that excludes them from the benefits of development.

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  • Priority policies to reduce inequality for people of African descent

    Within the policy framework for reducing existing inequalities between Afrodescendants and non-Afrodescendants, measures include legal instruments to prohibit racial discrimination, plans for the promotion of racial equality and development, and policies for strengthening traditional Afrodescendant communities.

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