Promoting Equality

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) considers equality to be a key goal of development and has emphasized the importance of achieving greater equality as part of the responsibility of States to guarantee the exercise of the rights of all people. It is of fundamental importance, in this context, to strengthen institutional capabilities for diagnosing and analysing prevailing socio-economic inequalities and to enhance the design, prioritization and implementation of policies directed at promoting equality.

About the Toolkit

It is a compilation of digital resources designed to strengthen, through self-learning, the capabilities of public officials to identify inequality gaps in various spheres and propose public policy strategies, especially in management and institutionality, that make it possible to close those inequality gaps in the countries of the region.

Core publications

The digital resources available on this site were developed based on the contents of two documents, published by ECLAC during 2021, as part of the project “Leaving no one behind in Latin America and the Caribbean: strengthening institutions and social policy coherence and integration at the country level to foster equality and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”, which is being funded by the eleventh tranche of the United Nations Development Account.

=Promoviendo la igualdad

A toolkit for promoting equality: the contribution of social policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

=Promoviendo la igualdad

Management and institutionality of social policies for equality in Latin America and the Caribbean: A toolkit

Learn to navigate the toolkit

Explanatory video on how to navigate and use the digital resources available in this toolkit