• Migrants

    The term “migrant” is applied to people who have changed their place of habitual residence and gone to another country, international migration, or region within the same country, internal migration, in the hope of improving their social and economic situation. Latin America and the Caribbean are characterized as a region marked by both outward and inward migration flows in a more complex and challenging context, in terms of attending to risks and vulnerabilities in various stages of the migration cycle.

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    Personas migrantes
  • Key concepts of migrants' inequality

    Diverse concepts exist that are relevant to closing inequality gaps affecting migrant population, ranging from the various factors that prompt people to decide to migrate (push factors), pass through countries of transit, destination and return, as they seek to relocate in search of better levels of well-being.

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  • Introduction to migrants' inequality

    The term “migrants” combines multiple realities, needs, motivations and risks. To varying degrees, all countries receive, expel or serve as transit territories for migrants, and as a result, face challenges related to the violation of their rights as migrants and the discrimination they experience on their journeys and social insertion processes.

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  • Normative framework of migrants' inequality

    The migratory regulatory framework comprises an extensive collection of international conventions, regional and bilateral treaties and national legislation containing general and specific rules for protecting migrant rights, with the aim of achieving social inclusion and protection against rights violations.

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  • Priority policies to reduce migrants' inequality

    Priority policies for reducing the inequalities migrants face, include regularizing immigration status, promoting access to education and health, social benefit transferability, lowering remittance costs and achieving financial inclusion.

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  • COVID-19 and its impact on migrants' inequality

    The pandemic’s impacts on migrants have intensified their pre-existing vulnerabilities and disadvantages, something most apparent in curtailing access to health services, income reduction and the undermining their human rights and social protection.

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